Double Beer Fob
February 18, 2018
Beer Fob

What is beer fob?

Foam on Beer or FOB it designs to continuously and keep your supply lines filled with fresh beer. Beer Fob automatically shut off a flow of beer when it detects a keg is going empty. This eliminates the foam you get from an empty barrel and also the need to refill lines or purge air. When you connect a new keg with a DFC 9500 installed on your beer line, your tap will automatically pour a beer with no evidence of foaming when the keg goes empty. Without a FOB installed, once your keg goes empty your tap will begin foth and spitting foam. This results in wasted foam beer wasted money and extra costs for labour and cleaned up.

How Does the beer fob Work?

Once the keg gets empty, only froth and foam is left behind. If we have Keg Fob installed in the system and this keg is full, the beer is flowing; then the foam remains at the top. Whenever the barrel gets empty, this foam drops down at the bottom of the keg like a suction. This suction acts like a plug which would prevent air or gas from entering the beer lines.

By using a fob detector, you can quickly detect the foam on beer of wasted foam after changing a barrel. The FOB cuts the flow of beer at the tap which allows changing barrels with little or no waste.

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