Having a FOB installed on your long draw system isn't only efficient but saves time and money on beer costs, paying for itself almost immediately. By having a Beer FOB detector, it almost completely eliminates any beer loss through foam. Without a FOB installed, each keg change can waste up to 64 ounces of beer as you end one keg and start a new one. *Keep in mind this refers to every single time you change a keg.


Every Time You Change a Keg You Waste:

What is Beer Fob

A FOB is also known as “Foam on Beer”. It is designed to continuously keep your lines filled and flowing with beer. The Beer FOB automatically shuts off the flow of beer when it detects an empty keg. This eliminates the foam you get from an empty keg and also the need to refill lines or purge air. When you tap a new keg with a FOB installed on your beer line, your tap will automatically pour beer with no evidence of foaming when the keg goes empty. Without a Beer FOB installed, once your keg goes empty your tap will begin spraying and spitting foam. This results in wasted foam beer, wasted money and extra costs for labour and clean up.

How It Works

Once your beer keg runs empty, your usually left with messy beer froth and foam. When you have a Beer FOB installed and your keg is full or when the beer is flowing, a float inside the FOB remains at the top. When a keg goes empty the float instantly drops to the bottom like a suction. This suction acts like a plug in a sink, creating a seal that prevents any air or gas from entering the beer lines.

Using a 3/8 inch Supply Line
10 ft 6 oz
30 ft18 oz
100 ft50 oz (2.5 pints)
150 ft75 oz (Almost 4 pints!)

Beer FOB’s are designed to prevent the beer line from filling with air and gas when a keg goes empty. The FOB shuts off at the tap which allows time for the keg to be changed with minimal to no waste of beer. With a Fob installed, say goodbye to multiple pitchers of wasted beer foam after a keg is changed.

Kegs/ monthLength of beerline(ft)
40$40 USD$80 USD$160 USD$480 USD
60$60 USD$120 USD$240 USD$360 USD
80$80 USD$160 USD$320 USD$480 USD
Beer wasted per month($)

A Beer FOB shuts off the flow of beer when a keg empties and fills with foam. The FOB allows the line to be packed only with solid beer and prevents foam from entering the system until a new keg is tapped. No more wasted beer or potential profit.