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For the beer lovers around the globe, it’s a matter of joy as now there shall be no foamy and frothy mess on their beers anymore. We have a superb addition to our beer equipment services which we would like to share with our beer-ones. We’re talking about ‘Beer FOB’. First let’s get over with FOB. It stands for Foam on Beer. Beer FOB is a genie for bars and pubs worldwide.

We see many levers on tabletops in a bar labelled with different names which dispense beer of various brands. So, there are pipes connected to respective kegs which bring the beer all the way from the storage to your mugs through these levers. Everything goes fine as long as these pipes are full and are smoothly dispensing the beer. But when the beer level in the keg drops, air gets trapped in the pipes. This air along with the rest of the beer in the keg becomes the foam that you get sometimes. This froth is not what people want in their beer mugs. They want beer!

beer fob



Now comes the role of Beer FOB. All that one has to do to solve this issue is, install this equipment at the mouth of the keg. Beer has to come through this, and then pipes, finally to the levers and then mugs. So now, when the keg nears low levels of beer, this device automatically stops the air from entering the pipes. The supply lines remain filled with beer all the time. Hence, no foam. It’s a clear win-win for both, the bar owners and the beer lovers. With this, changing of keg has also become manageable. The old one can be easily replaced with new keg within no time, that too, without doing the manual cleaning of supply lines and then wasting pint after pint to clear the foam.

Many bars have self-service stations where people can come and fill their glasses by themselves. Imagine the sorry figure you’ve to cut as a bar owner when that foam spills all over the customers. No more em-beer-assment! Such beer equipment services help the owners keep their bars running and customers coming. 

Single FOB vs Double FOB

The FOB is very easy to use. It comes in two variants vis-a-vis single Beer FOB and Double FOB. the single ones can be used one individual kegs whereas the double ones can be used on two kegs. You already got an idea for the single FOBs. The double ones are even more helpful and convenient. When one keg gets emptied, one side of the FOB stop the froth from entering the supply pipes. Meanwhile the second FOB automatically starts the flow of beer from the second keg, keeping the supply regular. 

Benefits Of DFC 9500 Beer FOB:

  • It can be used with flow metering systems and computerized portion control system.
  • It is easy to install and easier to clean as it can be taken apart for cleaning in minutes.
  • It comes with a 5 year warranty. Defective parts can be repaired or replaced easily.
  • Supply lines remain clean due to no exposure to open air.

The earlier versions of such Beer Equipment Services used to be made of steel and glass. Assembling and uninstalling them used to be a very delicate job. They were brittle and fragile. DFC 9500 is made of strong plastic which is way more durable and efficient in delivering the best. 

Beer bar owners can now save from what was earlier being wasted. This might seem negligible right now but when you see it on a yearly basis, the volume being wasted could easily be a party time for a big group of people. Get Beer FOB equipment today to save money and beer. Contact Toll Free: 1-888-225-2256 to place your order. 

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